What Does it Mean to Slow Down?

How often do our old perceptions get in the way of love flowing freely?  Lately the concept of slowing down has been alive in my consciousness.  What old definitions of the term or the action of slowing down are keeping each of us from experiencing the fullness of life?

The concept of slowing down can seem like limiting the life flow.  A recent client is way ahead of the pack. When on a group hike, he is the one that is ahead of the group scouting the trail, exploring the possibilities.  In his daily life he is always a few days (if not longer) ahead, staging himself for the next adventure.  The message came to him to slow down.  Would slowing down mean losing momentum on his path? There was an unconscious sense that if he slowed down he would not be able to fully experience his life’s purpose.

To another client, slowing down was her pattern of pulling back in order to avoid living to her fullest potential for fear of loss or of being hurt.  These thought-forms held in the unconscious had ruled her life for years.  At one time in her life, she had been living with her potential activated in the world, but through a great loss, she had pulled back.  Now again ready to step into her full potential, the idea of slowing down triggered an instinct to go back into the hiding from which she had emerged.

These old stories held in the unconscious were blocking the growth of both individuals.  With each, we opened to feel into what Spirit meant by the guidance to slow down. We were taken into the moment.  Past perceptions were lifted.  Concerns for the future vanished.  In that moment we felt expansion in the eternal NOW.  Staying in the NOW even for a brief moment, we began to appreciate the many blessings that are often missed when forget to slow down.

Lost in unconscious patterns, our lives can be run by experiences of the past held in the unconscious or by our desire to live in the potential of the future.  We each have the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and open to the expansion that can be found in the NOW.   To slow down is to fully experience love each moment, each eternal NOW!

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