Re-membering Your First Love

When I mention your first love what comes to mind?  Now, I’m not talking about the fleeting memory of a former lover or your first kiss.  In reality you are your first love.  You came into this world knowing who you are, feeling your connection to God, simply opening to a new adventure of life on earth.

So what happened?  Like everyone else on the planet you created ways to navigate life in this three dimensional world: ways to fit in, to be accepted, and to feel OK inside.  At the same time, you may have been taught that loving yourself is egotistical.

Do you sometimes long for a greater connection to the source of love, the God presence within you?  Perhaps you have a yearning for greater clarity on your purpose in life and on your innate gifts seeking to be expressed.

The full richness of love cannot be received or shared until there is a re-membering that you are your first love.  So many people feel depleted because they give, give, give.  When you begin to nurture yourself as your first love, you are able to give from the overflow.

How can you begin to live in the blessing of knowing you are OK no matter what seems to be happening in your life?  The simple practice of honoring yourself is the key.  It’s easy to honor someone you hold in high esteem, such as Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa.  When you honor there is an inner recognition by the person honored that “I am real”.  When honoring yourself you realize that you can be seen, heard and recognized.  It starts with you feeling, at your core, that you are real.  You are here for a reason and you can live on purpose.

Practice of Honor:
Take a few deep breaths allowing all thoughts to be lifted as you attention drops into the heart.  With the energy of your heart, not with words or with the thoughts of your mind, allow your heart muscle to communicate, “I choose to honor myself now.”  With your choice, you merely allow your heart to open for the energy of honor to emerge.  Each person has a different experience.  For me it feels as if a part of me comes out in front of me and is bowing in honor to me.  As this happens I merely open to accept the energy.  On a few occasions I have actually felt a part of myself coming forth to kiss my own feet!  Your experience may be dramatic or very subtle.  Have no expectation, simply allow.  Stay present with it, accepting the energy of honor until it subsides.

Honor is a powerful energy.  It includes appreciation, respect and recognition, plus a unique frequency of love emerges through the honor.  It is healing.  In fact, it is the antidote for judgment held in the cells.  As a daily practice, you will begin to know at a deep level that you can live in your true nature.  Each day, honor yourself and then your life just as it is.  How often have you navigated life based on the limitations of past experiences, to the worry or fear of what may happen in the future?  Through honor life moves into harmony with now.  Once you see yourself and your current situation is seen as real, new possibilities can emerge.

Are you ready to discover new rich facets of love?  This love is the joy that flows as you reignite  the child-like wonder that is real within you.  Your journey begins with re-membering you are your first love.

What if there was no time?

adventureHave you ever wondered what your life would be like if there were no measurement of time?  What would you be left with but the present moment. Instruments such as clocks and calendars would serve no purpose.  There would be no need to worry about the future or long for the past.  It wouldn’t matter if you were going too fast or too slow.  Predictions such as ‘life expectancy’ would have no meaning.  Any concern about “not enough time” would be gone.  Procrastination would serve no purpose.

How freeing is this concept!  Only NOW!  What a glorious moment this is.  What infinite possibilities it holds.  It is expressing as creative energy flowing, thunder before a burst of rain, life as I feel each breath nourish my body.  It is just what it is…nothing more…nothing less.  Knowing that this moment is followed by yet another just as full of wonder, allows me to move from moment to moment.  With no time, my moments are not limited.  I have no need to hold on to this moment or any moment.  It is with this freedom that the full expression of who we are comes through.

It is in the NOW the full expression of each feeling is possible; we connect with strangers and loved ones in a deeper way.  What a joy it is to play in the moment…to be filled with adventure as a child exploring the possibilities.

Crop Circle: Etchilhampton July, 2011

Etchilhampton Crop Circle July,2011
Coming as Star Knowledge Through Karen Lovelien, Septemmber 26, 2011

Horizontal flip of Image to Read
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The Etchilhampton Crop Circle, July 2011, offers an opportunity to step out of life as we now know it into new possibilities beyond current knowledge.  In order to read crop circles, the images are horizontally flipped.  The actual imprint is facing the earth.

The image within the hexagon contains a code to stimulate our DNA for living both in the life we now know and for creating the capacity for new emerging frequencies.   The thick circle surrounding the hexagon in this crop circle represents our three dimensional way of living in the container of what is currently known.  Through a clear personal choice to be blessed by opening to life beyond current knowledge and by merging with the image through meditation, the lines outside the circle seem to  cause the hexagon to begin to spin in a counter clockwise manner.  My experience of this felt like a clearing of the cells in the brain.  This flow of energy was in the frequency of forgiveness.  It was as if the frequency held in the code within the hexagon was clearing old patterns, old judgments and the limitations created through the life journey.

The spin of the symbol activates a shift in the cellular memory.  As it spins, the triangles, as they point down, are clearing life experiences held in cellular memory that have been in the unconscious underneath  a sense that “I am not OK”.  At the same time the upward points of the triangles represent the living light, providing complete honor for the new frequencies of love that are now emerging, yet are not now fully known in this three dimensional world.

This Crop Circle is simply asking us to come to be blessed by this symbol.  We are being asked to respect life that is continually emerging.  The integration of the counter clockwise spin of the pattern in this (horizontally flipped) image, not only clears old cellular programming of the past, it brings real joy, while living in a world that is shifting out of old systems that no longer work.  New ways of living in an uncertain world are emerging as individuals become clear and are willing to move forward.

Note:  My core purpose on earth is to be a living prototype for creating life beyond current knowledge, so I may be an instrument for the global shift, providing clarity, attunement and knowledge for each one to discover and live fully activated in their life purpose.

Over 20 years ago I was gifted the ability to communicate with multiple dimensions through a universal energetic sign language.  Recently I was taken to translate messages of crop circles.  Many of the crop circles are communicating a love intelligence to support us in moving through the cosmic shifts that are now occurring.

See for more crop circle translations.  The website also provides offerings for greater clarity and alignment with your life purpose.



Crop Circle: Giants Grave, August 10, 2011

Giants Grave, Nr Oare, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August, 2011
Shared through Karen Lovelien, September 6, 2011

Image Credit: Horizontal image flip to read.

Eye of Horus

The Giants Grave crop circle brings a message from Horus, one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion.  The smaller circle represents the eye of Horus, and the larger circle represents the earth moving through three levels or shifts in conscious.

The lower ray emanating from the eye of Horus in the smaller circle extends into the earth circle.  It indicates a shift from life as we know it.  Long held systems in the world are no longer working.  A full shift out of life as it is on earth will happen with a probable 30% shift in the earth’s axis.  People’s connection to the past will change as they bring their attention to creating their lives in a new way.  Yet the path forward is not yet known.

The additional two rays emanating from the ‘eye of Horus’ are showing the blessings that will unfold as we allow the internal expansion in consciousness.

The middle ray from the eye of Horus represents a consciousness shift from the expectation,  “I will be judged” to “I can live in the flow of knowledge beyond all living knowledge on earth. ”  People will start realizing that they can live without judgment as an undercurrent in their lives, and that they are OK as life becomes more clear.  Many will not know how to move forward so they will live moment to moment.  Then, more people will become OK in the place of not knowing, while realizing that new knowledge is emerging.  As new rich frequencies of love flow, all life is honored.  The blessings of creating a new way of living  will become clear.  The frequency will move into clear love with the illusion of a veil between dimensions lifted.     This shift will primarily occur from 2012-2013.

The third ray is a consciousness shift into the recognition that love is real as God’s love.  It is through this oneness with God’s  love that the higher frequencies of Divine love are clear and available for all.  It is a time for both the masculine and feminine aspects of individuals to be moving forward together in new knowledge.  It is a time for the rich life to unfold, for love will be the predominant force for creating a world that supports life for all people.  This shift will occur primarily between 2013-2015.


Remember When? to What Now?

Ahhh, those fond memories.  I have been spending several days cleaning, clearing, and cleansing.  It began when, in a meditation, I was shown to clear everything from our home that was not supporting movement forward.  Yikes!

With agreement from my partner, I started with our office, first the files and then the storage supply closet.  I was to leave half of the closet empty for what is to come, the gifts not yet revealed.  It is amazing how much paper had accumulated!  Old files that needed to be saved were moved to a separate storage area out of the office and the remainder carried out in the garbage bags filled with pens that no longer write, old computer programs, etc.  Pictures on the wall shifted and crystals found their new home in the office.  With half of the closet almost empty in anticipation for what is to come, the desk piles nearly gone and the corners cleaned, the office came alive!

In 1995 I went through similar process, when I was guided to go through my home, piece by piece, even paper by paper.  That time I was shown to clear by asking a simple question of each item:  Is it precious or essential?  I kept only those items that were precious or essential.  The essential items found a place in my home, i.e. scissors had one location so when I needed them I knew where to go.  The precious items were set aside.  All other items went into piles: to give to friends, to donate, to toss out.  At the end of each day I carried the bags out to the car to deliver to their new homes.

When I completed this process, I sat with the precious pile, which included gifts I had received, photos, drawings from my children, etc.  Looking at the gifts I realized that I had not properly appreciated the essence of many of the gifts, often the heart centered intent that came with it.  I spent time with each one opening my heart to the giver in gratitude, finally fully accepting the gift. With most of the gifts feeling complete after they had been properly accepted, the precious items, including the most precious photos went into two hat boxes for safe keeping.

It was over a year before the intent or should I say the gift, of the guidance became clear.  Within that year I was also guided to move to Colorado, given a specific location with quadrants of longitude and latitude, and my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer.  With my desire to support my sister and to also follow the powerful spiritual guidance to relocate, the gift of the earlier cleansing was time.  I would have never been able to be present for her and move if the home had not been cleared.

This time the direction for the clearing had yet another focus: to let go of the old and move forward into becoming a greater expression of me.  As I moved through the closets and drawers of my home what I had been holding on to became clear: old memorabilia, life patterns, habits and an old ways of being.  It became clear that it is now time for me, and for so many others, to clear the path for what is seeking to emerge through us.  Now is the time to dance forward with each step engaging the part of us that can only be revealed as we consciously choose to move into possibilities beyond what we have experienced or even know as possible.  In this process of clearing I found myself in forgiveness in one moment and then dancing in new possibilities the next!

What gifts have been revealed so far?  The actual process and the new insights revealed were the first gift.  Actively embracing this process shifted the energy in our home and activated and cleared a place within me creating a greater capacity to open to so much more creative expression now emerging.  The memories are still important and they can be held in the heart.  The clear message is to continue to move forward into the unknown for the blessings are discovered with each new step.

As I treasure the memories without holding on to what was, the path forward becomes more clear.  I can now shift from “Remember When?” to the child like anticipation of “What Now?”



Out of the Box

What aspect of you knows the truth for you, your mind or your heart?  Most of us spend our lives ‘figuring life out’ or trying to ‘make it work’.  The mind is very powerful.  We have learned to skillfully use it to create the lives we now know.   The mind weighs the outcome of past choices or experiences and considers what seems possible.  On the other hand, we have all had times our hearts have cracked open with a new insight or realization that seems to resonate in every cell of our bodies.  Our hearts take us beyond what seems possible into realms of infinite potential.

Our culture, educational system, and business environment have trained us to be skilled thinkers.  Now is the time to become masters of the heart, developing our ability Contine reading

Karen as a Midwife – A Client Shares

I initially met Karen at the home of a mutual friend where several of us were gathered to practice and share various forms of energetic healing & body work.  I was very intrigued by the uniqueness of her giftings and clear ability to set in motion a most potent form of healing: that which comes from personal empowerment.

My first session with Karen took place by phone one snowy winter afternoon.  I called for some simple feedback about an issue I was trying to deal with all by myself.  Before I knew it, Karen was guiding me through a process of healing and restoration unlike any I have experienced before.

Using vocal frequencies, and intuitive guidance, it seemed as though she was able to tap into the various levels of my energetic and physical body, and was shown the most pertinent areas to work with at the time.  She saw the places where trauma had left its mark and was restricting the natural flow of my vital life force, thereby inhibiting the process of healing and integration which should otherwise occur naturally in a healthy physical and spiritual body.

Remarkably, she honed on life events, past and present, known and unknown to my conscious memory.  She saw that various energetic and spiritual constrictions, scars, and chords had formed and attached around particular areas of my physical body, holding trauma related thought patterns and belief systems firmly in place throughout my being. Having that trauma energy literally locked into my systems was preventing me from knowing the true peace of deep release, and the joy of unhindered clarity.
One by one she led me through a process of discovery, remembrance and integration with each life event, opened the block, allowed it to speak, and then together, we “treated” it with the Truth of Source Energy and the wisdom of my Higher Self. She then facilitated the return of the vital parts of my Essential Being that had been lost in some way to the various life events.

Now that I have a cleared system working together with the restored aspects of my personality, the natural flow of my own life force energy is circulating more freely in the previously wounded areas of my physical and energetic bodies, nourishing me back to greater health and clarity with each passing day.

“I can’t say enough about how significantly Karen’s work has helped open up the process of self- healing and restoration for me.  She works as a sort of Midwife, facilitating the transition and deliverance of heavy burdens, while honoring the fact that my system knows what to do, and that healing is natural part of everyone’s process.  It is as profound and empowering as any birth experience to witness life bringing forth life.  It’s the way we are designed, it’s in our nature, and I have never felt so beautiful.”

Catherine Charistipoulos, Durango, CO

2012 Shift is NOW, 2/10/11

Freedom for Egypt

Can you see that the ‘2012’ shift in the collective consciousness has begun?  Yes, in the middle east, Tunisia and now Egypt.  The surprise is that it is birthing out of LOVE not WAR!  People are realizing that they have choice.  The old structures no longer support the new consciousness that is rising in the masses.  Governments around the world are nervous, seeing that people are now ready to step into new possibilities.

This new uprising came out of LOVE not WAR, a love within the citizens: for themselves, for their communities and their country. Dire predictions about the ‘2012’ starting in the middle east abound.  Yet before now, it was difficult to see that this massive heart opening would birth in the middle east, a region with centuries of war & conflict. Even the prophecies had dire predictions

‘2012 Shift’ is about a global shift in consciousness, an empowering opening within each of us. People in Egypt have realized that the time is now, not when… This shift has been happening around the world as many individuals awaken to their true nature.  People can no longer be contained in systems that were created to contain the old paradigm. With humanity now able to see beyond limitations through social media, television and other forms of communication, the borders seem to disappear.  Feel the hearts open to the possibility that the deep desire for freedom can become a reality.  The momentum has begun.  It is possible to create a world that is real for everyone, a world that actually works for everyone!

Eyes Wide Open

How often do we live unconscious to the blessings that are available to us each moment?  As I write in this moment, I feel the blessing of knowledge flowing through me.  By simply honoring this now, I feel an opening… a clearing of my tendency to pull back, which has often allowed my ‘not now’ to become more real than my ‘yes now’.

The blind eye can keep us from fully experiencing the richness of life.  Take a breath, feel the oxygen enliven every cell.  Each breath is a gift.  The blessings now are real.

How do we live for the blessings?

1.  It is important that we love our current situation ‘as is’.  This acceptance opens the door for a clear path forward and new choices may become clear.

2.  Honor your life now.  Honor is a powerful energy.  When experienced with a deep heart-felt reverence, honor provides a rich sense of completion for the moment.

3.  Open to flow in gratitude for the gifts that are apparent and for those that are yet revealed.  This is an exercise in both giving gratitude and also energetically opening to receive the gifts.

4.  Open to receive the blessings by consciously choosing to own them in your body.  Open your heart allowing the blessings to flood into your body.  What a gift it is to feel the blessings flow.

I recall a time I was camping in the Sedona area with a friend and her 3 year old son.  My friend asked me to be with her son for awhile so she could meditate on Bell Rock.  He and I went for a walk.  Before long he was taken to a spot on the earth.  He called me over saying, “Feel this, it’s magic!”  I knelt down to touch the earth and asked him, “What is it?”   He looked up at me and replied, “It’s Looovvve!”

I got it!   My 3 year old teacher showed me that we too can live with eyes wide open, experiencing the blessings of each moment.