With extensive corporate experience and work as a Spiritual Intuitive, Karen is uniquely qualified to work with individuals, small businesses, and large corporate organizations.  She provides clarity, new insights & techniques to realign… as new creative ways of living and doing business emerge.

With each talk or seminar, Karen & Fred meditate to move into alignment with the audience, to allow the topic and content outline to move through them.  Each presentation, retreat or seminar is prepared specifically for the scheduled group.  Following are some of the recent topic titles:


With each engagement, Karen and/or Fred move into meditation, opening to the message that is for the highest good of that audience.  The title and content

  • ‘Luminous Living’
  • ‘Expanding in the Momentum of Change’
  • ‘The Silent Communicator’
  • ‘Navigating Life in a Changing World’
  • ‘What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?’
  • ‘The Silent Communicator’
  • ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’
  • ‘Capturing Nature’s Daily Gift’
  • ‘Life Visioning… A Means of Creating Your Life, Strengthening Your Relationship, or Focusing Your Business’


  • ‘Discover Your Soulular Clarity’
  • ‘Igniting the Flame of Human Potential’
  • ‘Tune In to Turn On Your Life Purpose’
  • ‘Luminous Living’
  • ‘Live Now: Accessing the Genius of Your Soul’s Potential’
  • ‘Passion on Purpose’
  • ‘Beyond Boundaries -Wealth Consciousness in Action’
  • ‘Living Beyond Reason’
  • ‘Business Clarity through Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process’