What if there was no time?

adventureHave you ever wondered what your life would be like if there were no measurement of time?  What would you be left with but the present moment. Instruments such as clocks and calendars would serve no purpose.  There would be no need to worry about the future or long for the past.  It wouldn’t matter if you were going too fast or too slow.  Predictions such as ‘life expectancy’ would have no meaning.  Any concern about “not enough time” would be gone.  Procrastination would serve no purpose.

How freeing is this concept!  Only NOW!  What a glorious moment this is.  What infinite possibilities it holds.  It is expressing as creative energy flowing, thunder before a burst of rain, life as I feel each breath nourish my body.  It is just what it is…nothing more…nothing less.  Knowing that this moment is followed by yet another just as full of wonder, allows me to move from moment to moment.  With no time, my moments are not limited.  I have no need to hold on to this moment or any moment.  It is with this freedom that the full expression of who we are comes through.

It is in the NOW the full expression of each feeling is possible; we connect with strangers and loved ones in a deeper way.  What a joy it is to play in the moment…to be filled with adventure as a child exploring the possibilities.

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